Mr. Jesse Whittle

Laura Rose has been a colleague of mine for over ten years, and I have had the privilege to observe her incredible gifts as a therapist through trainings and consultations. Laura is an intelligent, warm, and dedicated therapist who cares deeply about her clients and helps them find relief, healing and growth. Laura truly stands […]

Melanie Brown

Laura Rose is on a very short list of therapists I feel comfortable referring people to work with.  I know that she will bring strong clinical experience, insights and knowledge, combined with her immense compassion, intuition  and empathy to her work. The loyalty and commitment of her clients tells me everything –  that she knows […]

Barbara Huson

As a financial coach,  I see many clients with unhealed trauma. I refer all of them to Laura Rose and they always thank me profusely. She’s also my therapist, the best I’ve ever had. Laura is incredibly compassionate, extremely skilled and gets to the core issues surprisingly quickly.  If you want true and lasting healing, […]

Brett Wheeler

Laura Rose is the rare therapist who thinks as clearly as she feels. I’m inspired by the way her intellectual understanding for the hard parts of being human is evenly matched by her compassion. She is indisputably skilled clinically. But what sets her apart is the way she cuts through shame and confusion. She can […]